Updates to Tasks and User Activity

This week’s Daxko Engage release contains a few updates to task features. We’re introducing a new way to reassign tasks, as well as providing an export for the User Activity report. Plus, some minor maintenance items and defect fixes. 

Reassign Tasks to a Team

Now, Supervisor users and above can choose to reassign tasks to a team of users, in addition to reassigning to an individual user. This is useful in scenarios when the task could be completed by anyone on a particular team in Daxko Engage.


Export User Activity

With this release, users with Supervisor permissions and above have the ability to export from User Activity. Navigate to Reports > User Activity. Filter by users or teams and by the date range, then select Export to download a csv of the activity.


Additional Items and Defect Fixes

This release also includes a few small maintenance items and defect fixes. Read the release notes for more details.

The above features and fixes will be available on Thursday, August 6. If you have questions or feedback, please connect with support@daxko.com.

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Search Programs by Keyword and New Subsidy Payment Options

This release contains several notable updates, available to all associations on the live site on Wednesday, August 5th.

  • Search Programs by Keyword added to the Live Site
  • Child Care Third Party Subsidy Payment Options Added
  • Program Registration Notifications for In House Registrations
  • Program Promotions Event Log Addition
  • New Prospect Conversion Report

Search Programs by Keyword – Live Site

Our new in house program search and registration workflow was added to your Daxko Operations Training Site on Wednesday, July 22nd. Now that we have received great feedback and excitement, we are adding this functionality to your Live Site! This new experience includes:

  • Quick Keyword Search
  • Cohesive In House and Online Registration Experience
  • Quick Filters for Program Selection

Also, we received feedback that adding in a new permission to hide the Manage Programs menu item would be helpful, so we have added that in this release to your live site. Check out this release’s User Guide.

Child Care Third Party Payment Options

We know that more organizations are paying via stored credit cards or bank accounts for child care reimbursements. As we approach a new school year, we have added options for payment by bank account or credit cards, whether the method is stored or used one time.

Program Registration Notification

Previously, a program notification was sent to a staff member only for online registrations. This notification was a copy of the receipt associated with the registration, and we have received many requests for the notification to be sent:

  • for both Online and In House registrations
  • with details about the registration, not a receipt

For this reason, we have added an all new registration notification email to meet your needs. This notification will be sent for Program and Child Care offerings to the staff email addresses listed for notification. It includes the information seen below, and will be sent regardless of how the participant registers.

Promotion Event Log Entries Extended

The event log description when a program promotion is created or edited lacked helpful details. We have now added the Program ID generated by Daxko Operations to the description for the Add Promotion and Edit Promotion event log entries.

New Prospect Conversion Report

Finally, this release also contains a new prospect report to help your team track prospects who convert to members. To find this report, navigate to Browse Reports. Under the Member Information section, select “Prospect Conversion”. View more information here.

Questions, concerns, or feedback? Email support@daxko.com.

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Prospects in Daxko Engage!

Prospects are now in Daxko Engage – we are thrilled about this release!

As facilities slowly and safely reopen and as membership teams focus on ways to connect (or reconnect) with prospective members, we know it’s increasingly important to establish simple and efficient engagement campaigns.

Now, with prospect group rules, your team can set up initiatives to nurture prospects on their journey to becoming active members.

Prospect Group Rules

  • Source: Segment your list of prospects by the source indicated on a prospect’s profile.
  • Date Created: Use the date created rule to segment your prospects by the date they were entered into Daxko Operations, either manually or through a prospect form.
  • Preferred Location: Segment your follow-up based on which location the prospect is likely to join.
  • Tour Guide: When you follow up with prospects who have come for a tour of your facility, you have the ability to segment by tour guide.
  • Tour Status: Segment your list of prospects by whether or not they’ve had a tour or send a thoughtful follow-up to anyone who took a tour but did not join.
  • Demographics Rules: Finally, you have the ability to further segment your prospect lists with demographic information: Age, Gender, and Zip Code.

Prospect Profile

Also new with this release is the prospect profile. Much like you can with active and inactive members, you now have the ability to view the profile information and activity history about prospects, as well as take actions like adding a unit or creating a task.

Coming Soon…

While we’re excited to release the above new functionality, we are even more excited to continue focusing on prospecting features with Daxko Engage. Over the next several weeks and throughout the latter half of 2020, we will be releasing new and better ways for your team to engage prospects and manage new memberships, program registrations, and other opportunities. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re working on next:

  • Notes for prospects
  • SMS texting for prospects
  • Integration with Conversica engagement assistants
  • Enhanced prospect group rules
  • Updates to tasks and other member/prospect interactions
  • Prospect opportunity tracking
  • …and more!

This release will be available on Friday, July 24. Read the full release details here. If you have questions, please connect with support@daxko.comfor more details.


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Search Programs by Keyword and Refund Updates

This release contains two notable updates:

  • Search Programs by Keyword added to the Training Site
  • Refund enhancements available on your Live Site

Search Programs by Keyword – Training Site

A new in house program search and registration workflow will be added to your Daxko Operations Training Site on Wednesday, July 22nd. Associations will have two full weeks of access in the training site prior to the Live Site release, planned for Wednesday, August 5th. This new experience includes:

  • Quick Keyword Search
  • Cohesive In House and Online Registration Experience
  • Quick Filters for Program Selection

… and more! Check out this release’s User Guide to begin testing on your Training Site. We do know that this will require an update to Daxko’s many training resources and the team is working diligently to ensure everything reflects these changes.


Refund Enhancements – Live Site

We know that the last several months have highlighted some areas of improvement around the refund process. In this release, we have added the following:

  • Balance Due will be shown to users when Approving Refunds

  • Refund Reason (minimum of 5 characters) will now be required for all Refunds.

  •   Event Log will properly reflect the refund reason, regardless of refund method.


Questions, concerns, or feedback? Email support@daxko.com.

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Updated Groups List + Email Editor Changes

This release introduces useful enhancements to the Groups list, giving you more information about Groups at a glance. We have also made changes to the Email Editor, including a new content block option called Icons.

(Internet Explorer users, be sure to review below section about the changes we’ve made that affects access to the Email Editor.)

Finally, for associations using text message features, this release also includes a small enhancement to the way we display people waiting for a text message in multi-step initiatives.

Groups List Updates

  • View Running Initiatives using Groups
  • View number of people in Groups
  • See which user last updated Groups
  • Group Actions menu

 Email Editor changes

In order to take advantage of new features and to provide the best email creation experience, we have upgraded the Email Editor to the latest version. Aside from the new Icons feature, you shouldn’t notice much difference.

However, the new version of the editor is not supported by Internet Explorer browsers. If you have been using Internet Explorer, please consider making the switch to Chrome (our recommendation), Firefox, or Safari.

New “Icons” content block in Email Editor

Sometimes, design layouts require mixing icons or images with text. With the new Icons content option, you’ll be able to create icon-based content for lists or other content rows that need to include multiple images.

Display people awaiting text message

Given text message send time guidelines, we will now show a “People Here” column for text message steps in the Initiative Workflow details. This number will display the members set to receive a text message once we’re able to send the messages.

Review the full details here. The above features will be available on Friday, July 17. If you have any questions, please reach out to support@daxko.com.

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Credit Card Payments in AR – Early Adopters!

The Daxko Accounting development team has been diligently working on providing payments via credit card in the Daxko Accounting AR module. While this feature is not yet available for all associations, we are in the process of engaging Early Adopters to use this new payment method for AR transactions and provide feedback prior to a wider release.

Credit Card Payments in AR

Once a merchant account is established in Daxko Accounting, early adopters will have access to pay for AR invoices via credit cards.


This includes the ability to store credit card billing methods for future transactions.

We will announce our wider release later this year once our Early Adopter process is complete. If you should have any questions about this feature, please email birby@daxko.com.

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Schedule a Visit + Membership Promotions!

Two Major Features

On Wednesday, July 8th we will add two new features to Daxko Operations: Schedule a Visit and Membership Promotions.


Schedule a Visit – Beta Access

As so many associations are reopening, they need for the first time a way to limit capacity within the facility as well as within areas of the facility, a reservation system for facility visits has been a growing need. Our team has developed a solution to assist associations by providing a member experience that allows a family to schedule visits in less than two minutes. This feature is in active development and we are offering Beta Access to all associations until Q4 of 2020. This means that associations will be able to try out this feature and offer feedback without first adding on Daxko Operations Scheduling functionality.

This release includes the following benefits and more:

  • Mobile-friendly member experience
  • Email confirmations
  • Rescheduling and Cancellation options
  • Staff scheduling for member visits
  • Ability to manage area hours
  • Capacity monitoring
  • Auto Check-in and Check-out

Access all of the details in the Schedule a Visit User Guide. Also, watch last week’s Schedule a Visit Webinar for more information on Beta Access and to see a full demo.

Membership Promotions

We know that many associations have a focus on increasing memberships every year, but that goal is more urgent than ever in this second half of 2020. We want to remove the manual work required to set up and manage promotions that reduce monetary barriers for those joining your association. The great news is that setting up and managing promotions in Daxko Operations will follow the existing discount group setup, making training and getting started very easy for users.

This release includes the ability to:

  • Create automatically applied promotions
  • Set up promotions requiring a Code online
  • Apply promotions quickly in-house
  • Set promotions for a future date range

Access all of the details in the Membership Promotions User Guide.

Additional Enhancements

We have also included a few enhancements to existing features in Daxko Operations in this release:

  • Online Branch Capacity – We have added a dashboard view for each specific branch in Manage branches. There is an option that includes a header and one that does not to accommodate your website preferences.
  • Mass Convert Membership Payments to Donations – We have added reporting for conversions so that users may see which conversions were successful and those that did not complete.
  • Membership Agreements required for Facility Usage – Any agreements set as required for facility usage will be honored and the alert removed for memberships signing the agreement in the program process.

Need to know more? Contact support@daxko.com.

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Assign Tasks for a Specific Date + More New Features

This release contains a few frequently requested enhancements, in addition to some small maintenance items and defect fixes. We will also be enabling a new icon-based content option in the email editor next week; details about that are included below.

Assign a Task to be due on a specific date

Users assigning one-off Tasks have requested more precision when setting a due date. With this release, all Engage users have the option to select a specific date that a Task should be completed by.


Additional timeframes for Member and Unit Visits Group Rules

Given how rapidly “normal” has been evolving these days, you might need to segment facility visits by timeframes more recent than the past 2 weeks. Now, for the “Has visited…” and “Hasn’t visited…” Group Rules, you can choose to segment by three new timeframes: 1 day, 3 days, 1 week

The above features will be available on Friday, June 26. Read the full details here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to support@daxko.com.

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New Login Experience to Live Site

This release contains exciting changes to the Online Login member experience that we added to your Daxko Operations Training Site on June 10th. This release will be added to your Live Site tomorrow, Wednesday, June 24th.

This new experience includes:

  • Mobile first design
  • Log in with email address or phone number
  • Keep Me Logged In option
  • Quick Login with a One-Time Code
  • Duplicate email resolution

… and more! Check out this release’s User Guide. It includes steps for users to try out online functionality on the Training Site if users wish to try out this new feature or troubleshoot an issue for a member.

This release also includes a few smaller updates:

  • Agreements requiring signature for facility usage may now be saved as a new draft and changed to remove requiring a signature and published
  • Prospecting notes prior to our May prospecting release were not showing. This will be resolved with this release.

Questions, concerns, or feedback? Email support@daxko.com.

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Updates to New SMS Texting in Daxko Engage

As you likely saw with our Rapid Recovery Toolkit, we recently launched new SMS Texting in Daxko Engage. Many organizations have been using this new feature to send texts through initiatives, and we have been receiving a lot of helpful feedback around how we can improve SMS.

Thanks to that feedback, we’re thrilled to release a few updates! These updates make it simpler for you to collect opt ins from your members and give you the ability to send texts in ongoing and multi-step initiatives.

Text to Opt In

We know it’s important that the text opt-in process be as simple and painless as possible for your members, while also making sure you are compliant with SMS opt-in guidelines. Now, you have the ability to establish a unique keyword. Members can text this keyword to the Daxko Engage short code and opt themselves in.

With this simplified opt-in process, your team can use social media posts, in-branch flyers, email, and other materials to promote your text messaging service to your members.

Send Texts in Ongoing Initiatives 

Your members want to hear from you via text message through Ongoing initiatives. Many initiatives such as new member welcome campaigns or program registration follow up can be enhanced through text messaging.

Now, simply add text message steps in Ongoing initiatives or in initiatives that include multiple workflow steps.

These new features will be available on Tuesday, June 16, for organizations using SMS Texting. Read more about these new features and more in the user guide.

Or, if you want to learn more about how SMS Texting can help you connect with your members in a new way, email marketing@daxko.com.

Read the previous user guides for SMS Texting:

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